8 Methods to Extract a Broken Key Stuck in the Ignition? 

broken key stuck ignition

Have you ever experienced a broken key stuck in the vehicle’s ignition?

Your broken key, once a symbol of mobility and independence, is now holding your car prisoner. 

This blog is your road to freedom. Let’s look at eight tried-and-true techniques for removing that dangerous piece of metal and reclaiming your car’s liberty. 

Remember, with the correct equipment and some creativity, you’ll be driving down the road in no time.

How To Extract Broken Key Stuck In Ignition?

Method 1: Needle-nose Pliers

The trusty needle-nose pliers are generally the first line of defense for a broken key stuck in your ignition. Their long, narrow jaws can reach deep into the keyhole and grip the exposed component accurately.

But, before you go, remember that gentleness is essential! Too much force may cause further damage to the key or the ignition system. 

Method 2: Super Glue

Using superglue in the ignition is risky. Sure, it may connect to the exposed key fragment, forming a makeshift handle for extraction. However, one wrong move may cement the shard deeper, resulting in a worse problem and a potentially destroyed lock cylinder.

Precision and control are key to the technique. A little dab on a toothpick could help. Avoid extra glue. Make sure it only contacts the fragment, not the lock. Gently apply pressure and pull steadily, aiming for a smooth separation. 

Method 3: Jigsaw Blade

This method needs finesse and a delicate touch. 

  • Begin by gently inserting a tiny, fine-toothed jigsaw blade into the keyhole beside the broken part. 
  • Once properly attached, slowly move the blade to hook onto the damaged key piece. 
  • Pull the jigsaw blade out, dragging the key fragment. 

The technique may appear odd, but the accuracy of a jigsaw blade may be surprisingly effective in retrieving a damaged key.

Method 4: Key Extraction Tool

This specialized tool has a unique collection of teeth and hooks, making it excellent for dealing with the remains of a broken key. 

  • Simply insert the key extraction tool into the keyway. 
  • Ensure a tight fit.
  • Carefully swivel it to engage the hooks with the broken key fragment. 
  • With a little tug, the tool easily removes the stubborn key piece. 

It provides a simple and practical solution. Many people use a key extraction tool to simplify the complex process of releasing their ignition from the grips of a broken key.

Method 5: Tweezers or hemostats

Tweezers and hemostats have narrow, gripping points that are suitable for reaching into the tight confines of a keyhole.

To use this procedure, carefully place the tweezers or hemostats beside the broken key piece and hold it. The goal is to have a steady hand and use controlled pressure to remove the trapped piece without inflicting more harm.

This technique works well for smaller and more accessible key pieces. Tweezers and hemostats provide a simple solution to the inconvenience of a broken key in the ignition. 

Method 6: Lubrication

Applying a lubricant, such as graphite powder or WD-40, into the keyway can improve the extraction process. Apply lubricant directly on the fractured key fragment and surrounding area.

Allow it some time to enter and perform its magic, as the lubricant reduces friction and makes the key easier to turn. Once lubricated, gently remove the damaged key using tweezers, pliers, or another tool.

Method 7: DIY extraction kits

These kits include several specialized equipment, such as key extractors, hooks, and other tools developed specifically for key extraction. With clear instructions and several tools, these kits allow users to take control of their car lockout situation.

Whether a broken key, a fragment stuck inside the keyway, or a challenging extraction situation, a DIY extraction kit has the tools and information you need to overcome the task.

Method 8: Professional Locksmith Service

Automotive locksmiths have the skills and tools to perform complex key extractions with precision. Entrusting this work to a professional guarantee that the ignition’s sensitive components are handled with care. Their service reduces the chance of further damage.

Professional locksmiths have years of expertise and an in-depth understanding of key extraction procedures, allowing them to solve even the most difficult car lockout situations.

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While DIY solutions may work in some situations, hiring a locksmith ensures a quick and secure solution. It allows you to restore control of your car without jeopardizing its integrity.

Alabama Fresh Air Locksmith Division has expert technicians who specialize in key extractions and deliver a flawless solution to your automotive locksmith needs. We prioritize the safety and security of your car with our advanced equipment and dedication to perfection. 

Trust Alabama Fresh Air Locksmith Division to deal with your broken key extraction with precision and care, leaving you stress-free and confident that your vehicle is in skilled hands.

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