How Do Locksmiths Open Doors?

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Expert locksmiths are qualified to open and unlock a broad range of door locks, including common locks like euro cylinder locks, anti-snap locks, mortice locks with three or five levers, locks installed on uPVC, composite, and wooden doors, and advanced keyless access control systems.

In this blog, we’ll learn about different methods to unlock doors.

Door Opening Methods

Depending on the type of door and the locks installed inside, residential locksmiths employ a specific set of tools that they carry with them, such as drills, screwdrivers, and lock picks. Locksmiths have two methods for opening doors: 

Non-destructive entry 

It is possible to open doors with non-destructive access without causing harm to the door or lock.

Typically, one or more of the following methods and tools are used to open the door: picking locks with hand or electric picks, using mortice lock decoders, sliding the lock latch open by hand, bypassing the lock, and using other specialized tools like the letterbox tool.

Destructive entry

It is the last resort to open a lock unless all other non-destructive access methods have failed and the lock is extremely complex or resistant to opening. To cut costs, the locksmith in these situations minimizes damage.

These usually include forcefully opening the door or drilling a lock open with specialized tools resulting in lock replacement.

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Multiple Techniques To Open Doors

Locksmiths utilize a range of equipment and techniques together with their years of experience and talent to open various types of door locks. Among the most popular techniques for opening doors are:

Lock Picking

Lockpicking is usually done by single pin picking techniques using basic locksmith tools such as hooks and half-diamond sticks.

The tools are inserted into the lock, and the locksmith uses each pin to feel the pressure feedback from the pick and align it to the correct height individually. This technique usually takes more patience and skill.

Lock Bumping

Bumping the lock is another method locksmiths use to open doors. With this method, the locking mechanism is jarred open by utilizing a tool. Special keys known as bump keys are made to enable a skilled user to select from a range of pin-tumbler locks.

Lock Drilling

A locksmith can occasionally need to drill through the lock to get inside. Given the potential for damage to the door and frame, this should only be done as a last resort.

This method, sometimes known as “cylinder grilling,” involves the locksmith using a drill to break the lock so they may remove the cylinder lock.

By Pass Tool

A specialized tool called a bypass tool is used to open a door without causing any damage to the lock. When locksmiths need to enter a secured room or workplace, they frequently employ this technique.

A Lock Pin Gun

A device that vibrates a lock to open it is called a lock pick gun. This is the way that locksmiths commonly employ during their training.


These days, keyless entry is standard on both automobiles and houses. This implies that to unlock your door, programming is required.

Expert residential locksmiths possess the necessary expertise and abilities to reprogram keyless entry systems to unlock the doors of your home or car.

Key Analyzer

This method aids the locksmith in accurately determining your door’s Electrical Resistance Values. Locksmiths will use a mechanical key cutter to create a duplicate key once they have the code for it.


Locksmiths are more than just your typical handyman; they are your reliable allies when it comes to securing and reentering your most private spaces.

If you misplace your keys, a locksmith can assist you in getting inside your home or place of business because they are familiar with all door locking systems.

Locksmiths can open doors with a variety of tools without causing any damage to it. 

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