Why Rekeying Your Entire Home is the Best Option to Stay Safe?

Man unlocking a home door

When was the last time you considered upgrading your home or business security? 

Has it been a while? 

Well, if you haven’t considered changing the locks yet, now might just be time. Intruders are always on the lookout for premises that appear to have old & worn-out locks. If somehow they gain access to your front door or your back door, they can easily infiltrate and steal your prized possessions. However, this can only happen if someone who previously had access to your place or knows the combination of your door locks. So what to do if you just moved someone out of the house or removed an employee? 

Well, if you don’t have the kind of budget to replace old locks with new ones, you can always choose to rekey them. Wondering why rekeying your entire house is the best option? Here are a few reasons. 

Have You Recently Purchased a New Home? 

If you have recently purchased a new home, there’s a high chance that someone previously might have a way to access your door locks. Well, if locks are a part of your home aesthetics, then you certainly can’t replace them. So what’s the best option? How can you actually replace your old locks with new ones? Well, whoever said that you need to change them. You can always opt-in to rekey your old locks at a much affordable rate. New homeowners can feel secure in their new houses once they know that the old keys won’t ever work on doors again. The previous homeowner isn’t the only threat; it could be anyone who had access to the homes, such as a neighbor or even a babysitter. 

Don’t take the risk of leaving your new home at the whims of intruders. Get the locks rekeyed. 

Losing Track of Keys or Losing Them Completely 

Many homeowners choose to rekey their locks when they purchase a new property. However, there are many who often forget where they have kept their set of keys. If you’re the kind of person who finds it challenging to maintain keys and carry them around on you, then you can always change the pattern on your home locks so they can work on a new set of keys. One of the best ways is to get all the home locks rekeyed to a master key system, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of where the originals are. The next time you, as a homeowner, want to access any door, the master key will work simply fine. 

The longer you have a set of keys with you, the greater is the chance someone may have made copies. 

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Are the Locks Getting Old at Your Premises? 

Another reason why you should consider getting your locks rekeyed is because of their aging. Many old locks become too old, and their internal mechanism starts malfunctioning. As a result, no key could easily fit into the locks or turn inside the cylinder. Even if they do, there’s a high chance that the key might break into the cylinder, and the bit remains inside. If that happens with you a lot, then get a locksmith to rekey the old locks for you so they can work on a new pair of keys. Although it is recommended that you should get the old locks replaced with brand new ones, if you don’t have that kind of money on you, rekey them. 

Don’t leave your old locks the way they are, or you will regret them in the future. Get lock rekeying done. 

How Much Does a Lock Rekeying Cost? 

Well, not much. It’s an affordable option for those who can’t purchase new locks for their homes. 

In fact, it’s so reasonable that you won’t even think twice before hiring a locksmith for the job. Just a simple lock rekeying can ensure the maximum safety of your prized possessions. 

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