Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car with These Essential Tips

Lady locked out of her car with remote key inside

A car lockout is probably one of the biggest nightmares for vehicle owners out there. Especially if you don’t have a spare key and can’t find any help nearby too then this sure can turn into an even more frustrating situation. It goes without saying that there’s very little that you can do if you’ve locked your car and the keys are still hanging inside.

Car lockouts are quite common and it can happen to anyone. However, there are always some measures one can take to avoid and prevent such a situation. Today, we’ll be jotting down some effective tips to help people avoid getting locked out of their cars. 

Starting with; 

1-Always Have A Spare Key With You  

One of the most important tips that can help you prevent any such inconvenience is to always have a spare car key with you. Most importantly, you are supposed to have that extra key somewhere that’s accessible like your wallet, your hidden pocket or the pocket of your jacket that you wear daily. If you can’t keep the spare key with you at all times then it’s best to hand it over to someone you trust like a nearby friend or neighbor.

2-Use The FOB To Lock Your Car Doors 

Another great tip is to always use the Fob to lock and unlock your car doors instead of using the keys. This way your chances of forgetting the key inside the car and locking yourself out will reduce and you’ll also be able to keep the keys to yourself at all times. 

3-Make It A Habit To Check The Keys 

It’s easier when you just develop a habit of checking your car keys before getting out of the car. Before closing the door of your car, make sure to check if you have the keys on you or not. Look for them in your pocket, wallet or your hand, this will make things a lot easier. 

4-Replace Your Fob Batteries 

If your Fob isn’t working, it’s probably because the batteries inside are dead. If it’s not working, just head to any near auto parts shop and replace the batteries. If this doesn’t work then there might be something wrong with the Fob and in such case, you should contact your car company and get a new Fob or get the current one fixed. 

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5-Keep Your Keys On You 

Always keep your keys on you especially when you are about to exit your car. When you turn off the ignition, make sure that you are holding the keys in your hand, or just take them off and put them in your pocket or purse right away. The best trick here is to use some bright colored keys chains so that you can easily track your keys when lost. 

6- Always Have A  Locksmith’s Number Handy 

You might not understand the importance of having a locksmith’s number handy right now but when the time comes you will. Especially if you want to avoid a car lockout, it’s best that you always have a locksmith’s contact at your end so that in any emergency situation, you can call one right away. During a car lockout, if you are clueless about what to do then just call your locksmith and let him fix things for you on spot. 

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