Different Types of Access Control Locks to Protect Your Home and Business

types of access control locks

“It won’t happen to me.” You might say this if I tell you that burglars and thieves are all around, and they aim to access your property. Hundreds of incidents are happening because of a lack of security among properties. You can avoid this – secure your home and business by installing access control locks on your properties.

Every home and business must square up to different security issues – individual security, asset security, and data or valuable information. A robust security system is required to avoid risk in your home or business. As a property owner, you must know the different types of access control locks and consider securing your property.   

Different Types of Access Control Locks and Their Benefits

Electric Strikes

They are metal plates installed on a door frame and can be unlocked through remote electrical control. Electric Strikes are mechanical locks with electronic devices that give additional functionality. They are used with a lock set or a panic bar. The strike holds the lock bolt in place through electrical power and keeps the door locked till the release system is operated. Examples of release systems for this lock are – reception release buttons, an electronic key card, a keypad for entering passcodes, or fob readers.  


If access control is needed in the opening, Electric strikes are one of the easier ways to accomplish it. It is a simple fix that only needs a little work.

Digital Mechanical and Electronic Keypad Locks

There are two types of keypad locks: 

  • Electronic locks are battery-operated. They unlock through a code entered into a keypad or touchscreen.  
  • Mechanical locks do not require batteries or power. They need a code to allow keyless entry through a doorway.


Using these keypad locks is a better alternative to traditional keyed locks. They put an end to lost key problems and the need to replace locks. 

Remote Control Door Locks

This lock allows a wireless control, which means that locking and unlocking can be done by just clicking a remote control or smartphone – Remote control door locks add to your home automation security. 


This device does not need a key, so you don’t have to worry about being locked outside. The keypad’s wireless features are also convenient for elders or the disabled because they don’t need to struggle to lean in the door lock to insert the key. All they need to do is to press the remote control or the smartphone to unlock it.

Magnetic Locks and Card Access Control

Magnetic locks serve separately from the mechanical door latch making use of an electric current along an electromagnet installed on the door frame producing a magnetic charge that ties to a metal armature plate on the door.

A card access control is used to cut power to the electromagnet to activate and release the lock.


Magnetic locks are most effective in securing both sides of a door. They are easy to install, and they don’t leave damage in case of attempted forced entry. Magnetic locks can quickly be released when the power is interrupted.

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Key Fobs/Card Readers

This system uses wireless signals to authorize cards and fobs to communicate with an access reader using radio wave signal – RFID technology. If the key card supplies the right credentials, the access reader instructs the door to unlock. Choosing a fob or card is a matter of preference. Fobs can be kept on a keychain, whereas the card can stay in your wallet.


Tapping a card or fob is easy. You can monitor which doors are open and see who opened that door. If ever you forgot or lost your fob or card, deactivate it instead of replacing the entire lock.

Intercom and Camera Door Systems

It is a two-way communication device that can provide a secure way to control access to your home and business. The intercom and camera system show who’s outside without opening the front door. The intercoms have a call button and door release.  


This system gives you more convenience. You do not have to get up to answer the door or let somebody in your office. Simply push a button, or two to check who is there and let them in or direct them to the proper place.  

Protecting your home and your business is necessary for your peace of mind. There are numerous options of door lock systems to choose from, and these systems would surely give you a much more comfortable routine. Alabama Fresh Air Locksmith Division covers most of the access control systems. If you are looking for the best according to your requirement, we have expert locksmiths in Birmingham ready to assist you and answer all your inquiries. Just give us a call.

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